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Barbara Watkins
In the early years SPERDVAC was fortunate to have many of the giants of old time radio attend the monthly meetings and share their experiences of working in the golden age of radio. Most of the meetings were recorded and placed in SPERDVAC's library for members to listen and enjoy. These unique recordings should be shared with everyone interested in OTR. We will post a new one each month here on SPERDVAC's website.

These samples have been encoded in high quality 256 kbps bit rate and sampled at 44.1 Khz

    The first is writer/director Jack Johnstone's August 7, 1987 appearance. At the mention of Johnstone's name Yours Truly Johnny Dollar immediately springs to mind. He was also involved in many other well known series such as The Man Called X, Hollywood Star Playhouse and The Sixshooter. It's a very entertaining 90 minutes with lots of information. It was this day that many of us first learned who John Dawson really was.
  • SPERDVAC Presents 08-07-1987 Jack Johnstone

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