The Society To Preserve and Encourage
Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

SPERDVAC is a non-profit educational public benefit corporation with six goals:

  1. To provide the finest collection of quality radio programs that members may listen to and duplicate for their own collections.

  2. To seek out and honor the people who made radio's "Golden Age" possible.

  3. To promote and encourage drama, variety and comedy programs—old and new—on radio today.

  4. To collect and maintain for members and other interested people, a library of radio history and to use this material in the publication of a “newsletter" or special brochures in preparation of an accurate and complete account of radio history from its earliest days to the present.

  5. To contribute to the support of non-commercial radio stations interested in and aiding the goals of the society, including broadcasting "old-time" radio programs.

  6. To alert members to trends in drama, variety and comedy broadcasting; and to publish special radio program listings and news releases to inform members and the general public.
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Call: 877-251-5771
Fax: 866-593-1689

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    SPERDVAC Membership
    Post Office Box 7
    Alachua, FL 32616

Patrick Lucanio's
SPERDVAC's monthly Newsletter

Old Time Radio related articles by some of the most respected authors in the field

Jim Cox * Doug Hopkinson * Walter Beaupre
New Articles Added 5-1-13

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You may listen or download samples of our catalog program offerings in high quality mp3 audio


Barbara Watkins features past recordings of interesting "SPERDVAC Presents" meetings

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Barbara Watkins

Barbara Watkins'
"SPERDVAC Presents"


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